Dare you visit the Res-Mansion?

Can you survive? Will you discover its hidden depths???


Roll up, roll up, step onboard the Ghost-Train.

Open up the experience from room to room and the fun continues in the Fun-House!


Close quarter combat with your bros.,

Team up or go lone wolf in this dedicated arena of death


Life getting too much for you?

Check into the Asylum for some madness thatll check your sanity!


Need a workout or just fancy some fun of a different kind?

Visit Doms for all your needs and pleasures!


Bookings now available for Extremes House of Fun!

The most accommadating Accommadation in all the land!


Sanctuary, Sanctuary!!

Start your bed wetting adventures off at Macks Sanctuary & Lobby.

Levels 1-30 only! Full PVE zone and Prison for those naughty boys & gals that just wont share!


A fireball in the sky! A large explosion and a thunderous crash! Then the green zombie aliens turned up! well the apocalypse had to start somehow! I knew it wasnt a bad sandwich from a service garage!!!


"Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."